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Mon, Oct 26 2020
Wait on the Lord

Is waiting the most difficult thing we do? Get impatient at the traffic light or at the doctors waiting room?  I know the feeling☹️. Isaiah 40:32 tells us that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Run without growing weary, walk and not faint. Father, in the hustle bustle world we live in with the threat of the virus, oh, we need to wait on You; please renew us; draw us close to You; we ask in Jesus' name, amen.

Sun, Oct 25 2020
Don't Be Too Late

In Luke 16 read the parable carefully. The rich man did everything Lazarus did, but he did it too late. A new message I’m working on is "Too Late”. Is there something we need to do now? Time and events have a way of catching up with us. Don't put it off till tomorrow; it may never come. Father, thank You for this day of life, help us use it wisely for You, amen.

Sat, Oct 24 2020
Plan to Share Christ

Ever cried out with Paul “oh, wretched person that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death"? Not physical death, but eternal separation from God. There is One, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who made an offering for our sin. If you’ve made connection with Him, would you share Him with someone today before it is too late? I plan too. Amen?

Fri, Oct 23 2020
A Church Without Walls

Thought with retirement life slowed down. God said I’m just shifting your “gears”. So much is going on, and I’m so thankful. I don’t want to “rust out”. I want to “wear out”. The message Sunday is "a church without walls”. The charge against Jesus, “He eats and drinks with sinners”. The church is to be the “er”. Those, who need a close encounter with Jesus and want to know Jesus, come on in. There are no walls of separation. Amen?

Thu, Oct 22 2020
Peace, Be Still

Father, we ask You  - as You did long ago - to stand in the prow of our (lives) boats and command the wind and the waves (the “mess we’re in”) peace, be still! I have an unspoken request for a family that needs healing. Please mention it to the Father. Remember suffering is part of the human experience, for believers that suffering is never in vain. Amen?

Wed, Oct 21 2020
God’s Present in Our Lives

Facebook asks each morning "what’s on your mind?”. My mind is troubled, full of the terrible news, deaths (16 funerals since July). I'm so worried about our nation, this horrible virus (just lost a member of our family to it), and then I remember what David said. "Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me”. Thank You, Father, for Your presence in our lives, amen.

Tue, Oct 20 2020
We Need Him Every Hour

Learned afresh and anew yesterday just how much we need Jesus in every aspect of our lives. He cannot be excluded from any part. He doesn’t just help us “get by”. He is our “by”. I have an unspoken prayer request; it has to do with someone being “saved”. Please mention it to the Father. Lord, thank You for loving and caring for us. Oh, we need you every hour, amen.

Mon, Oct 19 2020
The God Moments

On the road again! I have a funeral in Arabi and a stress test in Perry 🙏. It’s Monday. God has given us another day, another opportunity to serve Him. Opportunities may pop up in unexpected places. He just gave me one at the car wash😇. I, we need to be alert for those God moments. Father, we ask for strength, to be alert, for the God moments; we lift up those who are struggling, in Jesus' name, amen.

Sun, Oct 18 2020
We Know Who Holds Tomorrow

The Father is watching over this country bumpkin preacher. I went to town to get breakfast for my wife and daughter at 6 AM. I had flat tire just as I pulled into driveway. There's so much sadness; I have a funeral today and tomorrow with two others in the next two weeks. I'm having to come to "bat” a lot. Please pray, I won’t “strike out”. Father, we know now better than ever that we don’t know what tomorrow holds, oh, but we know Who holds tomorrow. Amen!

Sat, Oct 17 2020
God Has Bigger Plans

On way to town from church yesterday, I decided to run my car through the car wash (it needed it!!). While there I saw someone whom I had not seen in years, she used to attend worship. I had an opportunity to talk with her and invite her to worship. I learned she now lived near the church. I drove out praising God. I went to get my car washed, but God had bigger plans!! Father, thank You for putting opportunities in our path; help us seize the moment for You, amen. What an awesome God we serve!!

Fri, Oct 16 2020
Thank You, God

Father, no requests, I’ve bombarded You with so many over the last few days. Right now, I only want to praise Your Holy Name. We thank You for the very blessing of life itself. We want to use it wisely in Your service. Thank You most of all for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His Precious Blood that saved a sinner like me! With the angels we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy, praise to Your matchless Name". Amen and amen.

Thu, Oct 15 2020
All We Need

A great Christian gentleman, deacon, usher and worker in the church was taken home to heaven yesterday. Yes home, here is just temporary. We have - as Abraham - a home yonder, eternal not made by hands. I’ve had now 13 funerals since July. Oh my! I've never had this many before. In all of them, I’ve been able to reassure the family that the only thing that mattered was their relationship with Christ - not their achievements though they had many. You don’t know how much you need Jesus till He’s all you have, and that’s all they had. He’s all we’ve got, amen.

Wed, Oct 14 2020
Somebody Built It

Message Sunday is “Creation”. A family, who had moved away, came back for a visit. They saw our new church building and said, "Wow! Look at that. How did it get here?", the father said, "I know! There must have been an explosion in a lumberyard! That’s what caused it". But the mother said, "look at the design of how it all fits together. No, someone built it”. “Big Bang?” No look at the intricacies and beauty of our world. Somebody built it. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Gen.1:1). Any amens?

Tue, Oct 13 2020
Hard Pressed

Arrived for a funeral yesterday and learned it had been postponed due to sickness. They apologized. It’s ok. I've made a “few” errors and mistakes myself😇. On the phone remainder of day with families dealing with sickness, death, surgeries, and other issues, oh my. Paul’s words came to me (2nd Cor.4:8) “I am hard pressed on every side, but I don’t have to be crushed. I am perplexed, but I do not have to be in despair”. Father, please help us, we cannot make it without You, in Jesus' Name, amen.

Mon, Oct 12 2020
Pastor Appreciation Sunday - Thank You

My church family surprised me and blessed me on pastor appreciation Sunday. I was overwhelmed. I am so blessed with a church family that is involved in the Kingdom’s work🙏😇. I would not trade places with the pastor of a mega church. I’m where God wants me, and I am blessed❤️. Church family, you are the best, and I love you. I believe our best days in His work are just ahead. Thank you! Amen, amen.

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